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Learning About Sourcing Auto Accessories

Hi, I'm Kate Balcome. Welcome to my site about automotive accessories. As an owner of three antique vehicles, I often run into problems sourcing original automotive accessories. I have to talk with car club communities or arrange part runs with suitable suppliers to find the pieces I need. Although I could fit a different part, it's important to keep my vehicles as original as possible. I want to use this site to help other people find the auto accessories they need for their car builds. I may discuss the process of manufacturing the parts in detail from time to time. I may also cover purchase options and methods you can use to find the best deal on these parts. I hope you will come by again soon to learn more. Thanks.


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Safely Towing Your Vehicle Behind Your Trailer

Being able to live out of a trailer and take a car along is the best of both worlds. A trailer that you can live inside that has plumbing, cooking appliances, and even television is a fun and a less expensive way to live. If you have an automobile to bring along, you can drive the car around town, which costs much less in fuel than the trailer. Traveling with the trailer and the car means that you will need to hitch the car to the back and tow it appropriately. Here are some auto accessories that will allow you to tow the car safely on the back of your travel trailer. 

Tow dolly

If you are towing a car on the back of a travel trailer, you will need to have a dolly for use. A tow dolly is a correct product to use. You will be able to hitch the dolly to the back of the trailer and place the two front wheels of the car onto the dolly. It is important to always tow the car with the two wheels of the vehicle up so that the car odometer is not falsely reading the mileage. Mileage increases will decrease the overall worth of the car, so in order to keep your car's value stable, tow on a two-wheel dolly.

Led tow lights

Traveling throughout the night requires you to be a little more careful than usual. Cars will need to be able to know when you are breaking so that they can also stop safely and at a car's length distance. If you are driving with the trailer and the car attached to the back, you will also need to make sure that you are giving proper signaling and ensuring that you have enough space before you make a lane change. Install led tow lights on your car to warn drivers behind you of when you are making a stop. Led lights are brighter and will make it easy to make your moves known on the road. 

Larger add-on side mirrors

Side mirrors with a larger face will make moving around on the road easier. You will be able to view traffic farther back on the road, which will help you plan your movements out. If you are traveling on a highway or interstate with a lot of feeder lanes, larger side mirrors will allow you to see more about the traffic approaching the side to help you determine if you need to switch lanes or if you are clear to remain in the right lane. Safe towing means having appropriate visibility, so better mirrors provide better driving aids. 

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