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Learning About Sourcing Auto Accessories

Hi, I'm Kate Balcome. Welcome to my site about automotive accessories. As an owner of three antique vehicles, I often run into problems sourcing original automotive accessories. I have to talk with car club communities or arrange part runs with suitable suppliers to find the pieces I need. Although I could fit a different part, it's important to keep my vehicles as original as possible. I want to use this site to help other people find the auto accessories they need for their car builds. I may discuss the process of manufacturing the parts in detail from time to time. I may also cover purchase options and methods you can use to find the best deal on these parts. I hope you will come by again soon to learn more. Thanks.


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3 Tips For Getting The Ideal Sound From Your Car's New Audio System

If you have recently installed a new audio system in your car, you are probably anxious to head out on the road and start jamming to the music while you drive. However, you may want to follow the three tips below to not only get the ideal sound for you but also check for any potential issues with your new system.

Adjust The Equalizer To Suit Your Personal Taste

The first thing you do when setting up the sounds on your car's audio system is to adjust the equalizer to suit your personal taste in music. Depending on the genre you typically listen to, you may need more of one thing and less of another.

For example, if you enjoy driving to hardcore rap music, you probably want your subwoofers to explode with the sound of the backbeat's bass. For this type, you would want to increase your bass setting while slightly decreasing the treble.

However, if you like country music, you may want to slack off on the bass a tad and increase the treble. Making these adjustments allow you to hear the bass guitar without overpowering the artist's voice and other instruments.

Turn The Music All The Way Up

After making adjustments to your equalizer, it's the moment you have been waiting for. You now get to turn the music all the way up to see how it sounds. While the volume is up, you can make additional changes to the equalizer.

Turning the music all the way up has another purpose, however. This step also lets you check to see how well your speakers and door panels can handle the intense vibrations of the music.

If you hear any excess background static or rattling, you may want to take it to a car audio service to either have the speakers changed or have them mounted more securely.

Play With The Volume To Find Your Ideal Spot

Once you have jacked the volume all the way up, now play with the volume to find your ideal spot. While your new stereo system may be heard a half mile away, you may not always want to have it turned up that high.

Fiddle with the volume until you find a balance between enjoying the music and being heard by others outside of your vehicle to show off you system..

After making adjustments and playing with your new system, you may find that the tone quality and volume are not what you are wanting. If so, you may want to speak with a car audio service for recommendations on how to get the sound you want from your new system.

Talk to a service like Cutting Edge Audio for more help.