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Learning About Sourcing Auto Accessories

Hi, I'm Kate Balcome. Welcome to my site about automotive accessories. As an owner of three antique vehicles, I often run into problems sourcing original automotive accessories. I have to talk with car club communities or arrange part runs with suitable suppliers to find the pieces I need. Although I could fit a different part, it's important to keep my vehicles as original as possible. I want to use this site to help other people find the auto accessories they need for their car builds. I may discuss the process of manufacturing the parts in detail from time to time. I may also cover purchase options and methods you can use to find the best deal on these parts. I hope you will come by again soon to learn more. Thanks.


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Tips For Cleaning A Truck Tarp

If you own a truck that has a tarp system installed, there is a good chance that you appreciate the modularity of your truck and how you can store personal possessions in its bed even when it is raining. However, you might not like the way that the tarp looks after a few months of use. Here are some tips for cleaning your truck tarp so that it looks as good as possible.

1. Lay Your Tarp Out Flat

Your first step is to detach the tarp and lay it out flat. If you can only work indoors, you might not have an area that is large enough to lay your tarp out flat. If this is the case, opt to clean your tarp in sections and have each section laid out flat as you work. This will allow you to get the best view possible of the tarp and ensure that there are no wrinkles or other areas where dirt could easily hide.

2. Use Dish Washing Soap or a Special Tarp Cleaner

You have the option of purchasing a special tarp cleaner or just using dish washing soap. The only factor that you should take into consideration is, if you are performing this job outside, especially on the grass, be sure that you are using something that won't kill the grass or hurt the environment. Instead, consider using green cleaning supplies. Once you have chosen a cleaner, dilute it with one part solution and three to four parts water. 

3. Let the Solution Sit

Apply the solution to your flattened tarp using a sponge, a hose, or some other method. Let the solution sit for between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on how much time you have. This will loosen up the dirt that is on the tarp and ensure that you will be able to remove it easily. Rinse off the solution with a hose or with a power washer that is on the lowest setting. If you see any lingering spots, use a dry brush or a sponge to remove them. Rinse off the tarp a final time once you are done spot-checking.

4. Let Dry

If you are going to be storing the tarp in a container, be sure that you allow it to dry entirely before storing it or else you risk mold growth.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in sliding tarp systems.